L-Mesitran Tulle

L-Mesitran Tulle is a non-adhering polyethylene dressing, impregnated with L-Mesitran Soft gel that contains  40% medical grade honey, hypo-allergenic lanolin, propylene glycol, PEG 4000, and vitamins C & E.

When the gel is in contact with the wound, fluid is drawn from the surrounding tissues through osmosis. By doing so, a moist wound healing environment is created. This environment stimulates the wound healing process.

L-Mesitran Tulle is an easy to use presentation as a single use dressing and aims to provide patient comfort and effective use of the gel. The Tulle dressing can stay on the wound for several days and dressing changes depend on the amount of wound exudates. The Tulle will not adhere to the wound.




- Superficial wounds

- Acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions and donor sites

- Burn or laser wounds, superficial and partial thickness burns (1st & 2nd degree)

- Chronic wounds e.g. pressure ulcers, venous and arterial

- Diabetic (foot) ulcers

- Colonised acute and (post-operative) surgical wounds


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