L-Mesitran Tulle

For the treatment of acute or (contaminated) chronic wounds. A synthetic gauze for deep and  superficial wounds with low to high exudates.

The Tulle is an easy to use preparation in a single use pouch. The synthetic gauze is impregnated with Soft and has antibacterial properties.

The dressing debrides and promotes wound healing.


  • Superficial wounds, acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions and donor sites;
  • Burn or laser wounds, superficial and partial thickness burns (1st & 2nd degree);
  • Chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers;
  • Venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers;
  • Fungating wounds (to help deodorise and/or debride);
  • Colonised acute wounds and (postoperative) surgical wounds.


L-Mesitran Tulle is a non-adherent polyethylene dressing impregnated with the patented L-Mesitran Soft gel that contains: 40% medical grade honey, medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin, propylene glycol, PEG 4000 and vitamins C & E.