L-Mesitran Tulle

For the treatment of acute or (contaminated) chronic wounds. A synthetic gauze for deep and  superficial wounds with low to high exudates.

The Tulle is an easy to use preparation in a single use pouch. The synthetic gauze is impregnated with Soft and has antibacterial properties.

The dressing debrides and promotes wound healing.




Superficial wounds, acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions and donor sites.

Burn or laser wounds, superficial and partial thickness burns (1st & 2nd degree).

Chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers,

Venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers.

Fungating wounds (to help deodorise and/or debride).

Colonised acute wounds and (postoperative) surgical wounds.




L-Mesitran Tulle is a non-adherent polyethylene dressing impregnated with the patented L-Mesitran Soft gel that contains: 40% medical grade honey, medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin, propylene glycol, PEG 4000 and vitamins C & E.


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