L-Mesitran Soft is extremely effective against antibiotic resistant Staph. pseudintermedius

Dr Ana Oliveira of the Lusófona university of Lisbon researched the efficacy of L-Mesitran Soft against methicillin resistant Staph. pseudintermedius (a bacteria isolated from canine pyoderma). She presented the results of her research during the 27th annual congress ESVD-ECVD in Salzburg (Austria) on Friday September 12th 2014.

Samples were taken from dogs with clinical signs of bacterial pyoderma and laboratory research confirmed the presence of Staph. pseudintermedius. L-Mesitran Soft was compared to an artificial honey (a high sugar content solution) and pure medical grade honey in a variety of concentrations. The study shows that L-Mesitran Soft is highly effective against these bacteria.

Further clinical research is underway to provide more results and to evaluate the further potential of L-Mesitran Soft as an antibacterial product for bacterial skin diseases in dogs.

More information about this year's version of the annual congress can be found here.