L-Mesitran Ointment

For the treatment of (contaminated) chronic, oncologic and/or acute wounds. In deep or superficial wounds the Ointment will aid debridement and reduce bacterial colonization. A thin layer is enough for optimal effect. Changing the dressing once a day or once every two days will suffice. The Ointment will not adhere to the wound. 




Superficial and acute wounds e.g. cuts, abrasions and donor sites.

Superficial and partial thickness burns (1st & 2nd degree).

Chronic wounds e.g. pressure ulcers, venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers.

Fungating wounds (to help deodorise and debride).

Colonised acute wounds and (postoperative) surgical wounds. 




L-Mesitran Ointment contains: 48% medical grade honey, medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin , sunflower oil, cod liver oil, Calendula Officinalis, Aloe Barbadensis, vitamin C & E and zinc oxide.


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