L-Mesitran Hydro

The Hydro is an advanced wound dressing that combines the wound healing properties of honey with the advantages of a hydrogel dressing. This is the primary dressing for the treatment of burns, skin tears, ulcers, chronic and acute trauma wounds.

The thin honey-hydrogel layer can absorb 7 times its own weight of wound fluids. It will follow the contours of the wound and keeps contact with the wound surface. The Hydro provides an ideal healing environment with less pain and reduction of inlammation.




L-Mesitran Hydro and Border are indicated for:

  • chronic wounds, such as pressure ulcers, superficial and partial thickness burns, venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers;
  • acute wounds such as donor sites, surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions.


L-Mesitran Hydro contains 30% honey, an acrylic polymer gel and water with a polyurethane film backing.