L-Mesitran assists in the woundbed preparation for skin grafting

Researchers have shown that L-Mesitran can contribute to the creation of an ideal wound bed preparation for skin grafting. Due to the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and the osmotic action, an ideal woundbed environment is created.

A 70-year-old woman, suffering from dementia, was bitten by a dog and this bite resulted in a large wound on her right thigh, making skin grafting necessary.

After the wound is debrided twice, the treatment with L-Mesitran is started six days after the bite. For the preparation of the woundbed, L-Mesitran Soft, Ointment and Tulle are used. After 14 days, the wound bed is ready for the skin graft.

L-Mesitran does not only contribute to the preparation of an ideal wound bed for skin grafting, but the honey products also improve the qualitiy of care and and shorten hospitalization time.

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