L-Mesitran Brochure - English 2017

 L-Mesitran Wound care Protocol 2015 

 L-Mesitran Wound care Protocol_US 

 A comparison of the antimicrobial activity of three honey-plus products and an antimicrobial silver product

 Malaysian Poster Diabetic Ulcera 

 Wounds UK 2011-7(1) Stephen-Haynes

 Wounds UK 2011-7(1) Smaropoulos

 Wounds UK 2011-7(2) Kegels

 Wounds UK 2011-7(2) Albino

 Wounds UK 2011-7(3) Candeidas

 Wounds UK 2011-7(3) Miguens 

 Wounds UK 2011-7(4) Evers 

 Wounds UK 2012-8(2) Pereira 




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