Datum: 07-11-2012

The Hydro is an advanced wound...

Datum: 07-11-2012

For the treatment of acute or (contaminated) chronic...

Datum: 07-11-2012

L-Mesitran Soft is specially designed with sensitive patients in mind. Pure honey is known to cause...

Datum: 07-11-2012

For the treatment of (contaminated) chronic, oncologic and/or acute wounds. In deep or superficial...

Datum: 06-11-2012

L-Mesitran® cuidado de heridas

Desde 2002 L-Mesitran es la...

Datum: 05-11-2012

L-Mesitran for diabetic feet

A recent study shows that even the most challenging diabetic wounds can be...

Datum: 05-11-2012


  L-Mesitran® – Wound Care

L-Mesitran is a pioneering product range,...

Datum: 30-07-2012



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